• After several coyote, fox and dog attacks, I convinced my husband that we needed 4 very sturdy 10x10x6 pens I found at Tractor Supply. (We definitely got more than we needed and could\'ve saved money by going with chain link, but they\'re cute.) We maximized our space, stretching our 4 pens, which should be 40 ft in length, into a 60 ft length by 10 ft deep by 6 ft high of pen space. It has been fun customizing each pen for the inhabitants. We have a bantam pen that is 5x10, a turkey and duck pen that is 15x10, a 20x10 foot pen for our laying hens (currently have 2 roosters in there as well), a 10x10 ft pen for our pot belly pig and a tortoise, and a 10x20 foot pen that is in construction for meat birds. My hen pen has an old Mack truck shell for shade. I built top panels to enclose each pen, so I can sleep at night knowing my animals are safe.


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