• Coop is 8x12. Made from used shipping pallets. Skin is .75 exterior ply.

    Solar panel charges battery to run the lights and chicken door (which are all on timers or sensors).

    Bell is used to condition birds to come when rung. Treats are given as reward. Very helpful when we are leaving and want to get everyone inside the fence and secured.


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  1. Highm8ntce
    Can you elaborate a little on your solar panels please? What kind do you have, how many, do they give you enough to power up several lights? I'm at the point of adding water and power and if I can prevent having to dig a trench for the power I'd be 1 happy camper. Thanks.
  2. sswanee17
    Well that sounds like a fun idea, The bell. When my chickens see me they automatically think snack and come running. I only have to put a piece of bread in my hand to get them to come in to their coop. Your Coop looks real nice.
  3. OneReallyBigDog
    Nifty, cool beans, awesome, you get the picture! Two thumbs UP