Pair-A-Dice'd Egg Hen House

  • Used the Ware nesting box kit to remodel a dog house into a hen house.

    It is in the courtyard while I was working on it. I\'m now updating the old dog pen into the chicken pen where this will go.

    The chicken pen/coop is 20\' x 20\'. It is welded wire - with 1\" hex chicken fencing on the inside. With wood posts and cross bars. Sides are 6\' with poultry netting on the top.

    Had to make a modification to the doorway. They did not seem to like it so open, so I added a board across it and cut the opening in half.

    Now the girls use the house during the day and at night.

    Although, they love laying under the house to stay cool.

    they also like to perch on the windows of the Cluck\'L House.

    Used an old play house to hold their food & water

    Success! One of the girls started laying! We have our first egg. Pretty sure it is Dolly, my red head hen.

    UPDATE: Ok, we\'ve had the chickens in their pen since April. They are all laying now. They tend to use the same side of the laying box, so each day I have 3 eggs on one side. Recently they started roosting on top of the Cluck\'L house (play/food house) at night. Not sure why. They have a solar night light by the door of the chicken house and by the Cluck\'L house. They love their pen, but noticed they dig ALOT. So I\'m having to line the edges with boards or rocks. Also found that they love it when I add freshly raked leaves to their pen for them to play in.


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