Our Silkie Coop

  • We are new to chickens, this was a pre fab kit that my husband help me accessorize with his metal work. It is not cedar, only a cedar stain. The baby chicks will be moving in soon!


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  1. islandsaints
    @sheryllb06 I bought it from Chicken Saloon on their website. And if you email them first and ask them about discounts, they will send you a coupon code! I got an additional $50 off of the sale they were already having. I had 14 babies that I got from someone local but 7 of them died due to some bacteria. The person I got them from lost a few also. I have just put in an order for 20 more from Ideal Poultry, should have them next week. I don't plan on having that many in the end though, I plan on only keeping 2 roosters and since they are not sexed, I decided to increase my odds of getting some nice hens. Will see how that works out. I figure once they grow, I will get the number down to 12 or so. Tracy
  2. sheryllb06
    Looks so cute. We plan on geting chickens next spring...so building a coop is on the agenda for winter. Where did you get this kit & how many chicks did you get??