Our new coop

  • The girls moved in last night.


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  1. rena88651
    Looks great! Love the run area too.
  2. troub
    what a lovely coop. how big is your run area? It looks like you have 6 hens. I am getting my chicks in a few days(I'm new at this), and will end up with 6 hens by june. 4 day olds coming this week and when they are about 6 weeks old I am expecting two 6-8 week old hens. I have a wooden playhouse I converted to a coop and am trying to figure out how much space I should make for the run. Yours looks like it gives your girls plenty of room. It's really lovely and looks like what I was thinking of for mine, only I'm thinking of putting a slanted roof on mine to prevent snow gathering in the winter.