• My husband and I collaborated on the design and building of our coop. It is a mixture of several coop plans and our own ideas. I chose the chose the color scheme and did the painting. Our coop and run is a very happy place for our girls:) We have 2 RIR, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Cochin, 1 Amerucana and 1 Sultan. They are about 14 weeks old. We also have 2 Silkie and 2 Blue Lace Wyandotte chicks...they are 3 weeks old and in the brooder.
    We love our chicks


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  1. berniceannab
    do you keep your silkies and regular chicks/chickens together? do you know that 1 peck to the head and a silkie could die? their brain structure is different than that of a regular chicken. also, silkies cannot fly to get away from a bully chicken, to get up on a roost, etc... when i was raising them, i always kept them seperate.
  2. Jojocag
    We had a great time doing it. Just bought a pre made small one to let my little Silkies grow up in for a bit before I let them out with the big girls and I can't believe how flimsy it is. We built ours to stand up in a hurricane...LOL this new one does not compare.
  3. SallySunshine
    I LOVE it! good work!
  4. Sandi
    Very cool. I hope your chickens appreciate their designer coop!
  5. Jojocag
    Don't know why my picture is sideways. It is right side up in my I photos sorry - but you get the gist:)