Our Chick Mahal

  • This is our first Coop. Living in Hawaii at 2500' elevation we get lots of sun but also lots of rain and wind and the winter can get down to 50'ish at night.
    The coop is a bit farther off the ground than I would like BUT it is the perfect height to put a wheelbarrow under the large door to make clean outs easier.
    My wife calls it the Chick-ma-hal.
    My sons and I built it on a Saturday and painted the exterior and installed it on a Sunday.
    It is 4'x6' and has 2 roosts running the long length near the ceiling (the birds love to look out the screened vents from the roosts)
    It currently houses 17 Chickens with no problems and could probably hold at least a few more judging by the amount of roost pole space still exposed.
    It has 4 egg boxes accessed from outside and the eggbox lid latches open when needed.
    We couldn't afford the shipping for a kit so we just looked at all the great pictures of other coops out there and penciled out what we wanted and got lucky that it worked out so well on the first try.


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