Old Headboard Brooder

  • This is our brooder.We turned an old headboard end cabinet into a small brooder. Added a dimmer switch, lamp cord, and a flush mount light socket. Total cost was about $20 plus paint. I love it!

    I am sure in a few weeks we will need something bigger for 5 chickies. And I already have my eye on an old entertainment center =)


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  1. billybobaz
    I'm new here so have patience please. I used a drum from an old electric dryer, attached a shielded light fixture to hold heat lamp bulb, put chicken nipples (9)in the bottom of a five gallon bucket and hung it in the smaller hole at the right height, and it works great. I have barn cats, so they can't get to the chicks and added air holes to ventilate. To clean you simply move to a clean patch of ground like a chicken tractor. Feed jar fits nicely and the whole thing was made from scrap parts on the cheap. I like your headboard plan.
  2. OneReallyBigDog
    Nice job! Handy dandy Cute color too