Old English Game

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    The Old English Game breed is one of the most popular show chickens today, fetching a high sales price among poultry breeders. When it comes to this particular breed, it's about aesthetic beauty and showing off, given the fact that these chickens fail in the other two aspects - egg laying and meat production. The Old English Game breed comes in both standard and bantam size.

    Though they primarily function as for show, this breed’s history belies all that considering that it is one of the oldest strain strains used for fighting purposes. Today, exhibits of the Old English Game Fowl can fetch a hefty amount as much as US$600. Since there are already many that died out, breeders are trying to preserve the current strain of this particular breed.

    Contrary to its bantam size, Old English Games are quite strong with muscles and thin bodies that taper down to a small breastbone. They have well rounded shoulders with wings held tightly to their body. As for their plumage, currently there over 50 color schemes to choose from.

Recent Reviews

  1. Whittni
    "These are My Kind Of Chickens"
    Pros - Small, Good Layers, Good Mothers, Good Pets, Good Chickens, Looks Great, Friendly if raised well, Cost effective and in High Demand for nice birds.
    Cons - Tiny (need to be monitored as chicks), Small Eggs

    I love this breed so much, they bring me a lot of joy and love to be lap chickens...but I caution you NOT to buy 1yr+ birds because chances are they cannot be tamed if nobody has held them as a chick.


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