Ol' McContri's Chick A'la Chateau

  • I recently moved up to the High Desert in California and found out I was able to have chickens on my property. Being a mass consumer of eggs, I did a lot of reading and a lot of decision making and decided to take the steps needed to have some great feathery girls on my property that I can have as outside companions and producers of large eggs.

    After looking through the many purchasable coop designs and pre-made ready to assemble coops out there, I decided to design and build my own. So, not only is this my very first chicken coop, but it is also my first attempt to build anything out of wood. I have no carpentry or building skills at all.

    It is still under construction and hope to finish soon.

    The coop is 6\' x 4\', with an entry breeze way for the girls to come in and out. There are two built-in nest boxes, and I am going to be purchasing two sliding shed windows for the east facing and south facing walls. Along with that, I am going to be building removable panels for the girls outside yard. Also, there will be a solar powered vent fan as well as small incadecent lights inside for the girls.

    I have pictures of most of the steps I took, from constructing the walls to when I was putting the walls and foundation up, but I think you all dont want to be bored by those pics so I am only showing the ones where the walls and roof are in place.


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