Northern California Poulet Bleu

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    Northern California Poulet Bleu chicken breed is also called Blue Foot Chicken. This is because of their feet that are the color of steel-blue. Many breeders in the early years got captivated by its feet that it became the center of attention even on exhibits.

    Other characteristics of this breed is its red comb. It's an opposite color of its feet but balanced with white feathers around the body of the chicken. They're a breed that gets butchered for meat production as well. But they're not processed like all the others. Even with feeding, this breed doesn't live well with power feeding or forced feeding. They need to be left alone by themselves as they grow which slows down their growth process as compared to other breeds for meat production. Unlike other breeds, this breed has to be air-chilled to make the meat carry on its rich, good flavor.

    An interesting fact about this breed is how it's served as meat. Because of its blue-colored feet, butchers serve them with their feet. Not that it can be eaten but so that consumers get to see their unique characteristic.


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