NickG Chicken Coop

  • Well i got chickens last year as chicks and built a run between my house and the garage block on concrete bricks so avoid predators (i leave the coop open as i have a secure run over night)
    I started with a wooden coop from eBay but decided that i didn't want the hassle of red mite so built a breeze block house with concrete slabs as a roof and on top of that have a wooden roof to store food etc.. either side of the entrance the is two shelters for water and food for the chickens. The one thing i am quite proud of is that i can access the breeze block house without needing to enter the run as both ends of the run have gates, one for entering the run and one for collecting the eggs, the chicken house has three solid walls while the forth wall is the gate.


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  1. Janey
    Very nice but they should have a bit of greenery to munch on I think, (but that is just my opinion) nice coup idea for sure.
  2. NickG
    berniceannab - if you look in the final picture you will see a wooden frame which has sand in, i gave them this which they dug in for about a month and then they stopped so i removed it now and they are now digging in my veg patch on a daily basis when i let them out
  3. berniceannab
    very cool w/ the protection from predators. where do they get to go to scratch and eat bugs?
  4. DanceswithChickens
    Nice job, Nick! Your chickens are "up town" chickens. Mine just have a dirt [email protected]
  5. SunnySideUpCoops
    I like it, however you may want to add a sand box for your chickens to take dust bath's, and maybe add a patch of grass...