Nice upgrade for my girls

  • Just finished building my girls new coop this weekend. Moving them from
    Our A frame tractor to a new indoor/outdoor coop. The new coop is built inside my 2nd garage space out of 2 4x4 cabinets I bought from the restore. then cut a hold in the wall to allow them to walk out into their new enclosure. in the spring I plan to add some chunnels, chicken tunnels (just google it, I thought it was awesome) to other parts of the yard. Right now though, they have roughly 9 times the space they had in the tractor, and they have been loving the dirt of my old herb garden, very loose soil.

    The door can be opened and closed from outside the fence, and I took a wreath pallet from Home Depotthat all the christmas wreaths were delivered in, for an outdoor structure for them to roost and stand on off the dirt.


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