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    The New Hampshire Red is a breed of chicken which originated in the state of New Hampshire, United States. In 1935, the breed was accepted into the American Poultry Association’s Stand of Perfection. The New Hampshire Red is an evolved breed of the Rhode Island Red done through careful selective breeding. The procedure took place in New England, specifically in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

    Early maturity, rapid full feathering and production of large brown eggs are one of the superior qualities if the New Hampshire breeds.

    New Hampshire Red chickens have rich chestnut-red color plumage, which is lighter than that of the Rhode Island Reds. The hen of these breed is fair in egg – laying ability, which makes it its primary purpose. The New Hampshire Red comes in medium and heavy size. For the latter, a rooster weighs around 3.9 kg and the hen weights around 2.9 kg. Given that fact, New Hampshire chickens can be good source of meat as well, just like broilers.

Recent Reviews

    "New Hampshire"
    Pros - Good egg layers, nice size for meat production, tame roosters
    Cons - It can be a challenge to find decent ones as many that are sold thru commercial avenues are really NH and Production red crosses.
    I have German-bred New Hampshires and really like them.
  2. kramer6492
    We have four NH reds. It's only been a few days, but they are beautiful birds. Very pleased with them so far.
  3. DansChickens
    "considered a dual purpose breed, matures early..."
    Pros - Good brown egg layer, can lead your flock, does not want to fight, protective over the other birds and mature early may be a pro or con depending on the owner
    Cons - slightly over protective
    My Favorite breed of chicken are these so far.


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