Naked Neck (Turken)

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    The Naked Neck breed are basically chickens with featherless necks - hence the reason for its name. Though, the breed is sometimes called Turken. The Naked Neck is bred for dual purpose - egg laying and meat production. It might not be apparent given the fact that they don't have feathers on their neck, but these chickens are quite resistant to diseases, as well as adaptable to both warm and cold climates. Of heavy nature, the Naked Neck is not able to fly so a shorter fence is enough to confine them.

    While these chickens do resemble the looks of a vulture, they are in no way like the scavenging birds. The Naked Neck is also often compared to turkey, though this particular breed of chicken does possess an elongated stance, carrying its body in a slightly upright posture. Also, unlike that of a turkey’s, a Naked Neck's tail is only slightly spread and medium high carriage. Other physical characteristics include blueish legs, and a single comb though there are times a Naked Neck sports a rose comb instead.

    Aside from having the strangest looks, they are one of the easiest breed to raise. Give them a larger space and they'll just forage and peck all day. Their origin is still of mystery though there are suggestions that they were bred from the Sussex breed.

Recent Reviews

  1. oakwood
    "Make wonderful pets and are good broodies ."
    Pros - Very easy to keep . Friendly calm birds
    Cons - None
    A really worth while breed to keep .
  2. PreemieMom
    "Wonderful birds that WILL get noticed"
    Pros - Nice eggs, friendly,
    Cons - none
    I love this breed. There are not many in our area so people notice them right away. All my birds are super friendly and lay most of the year. My roosters mature quickly and make wonderful dinners
  3. Okie
    "A great breed! Once you get over the naked..."
    Pros - Graet layers,good setters,disease hardy
    Cons - Couldn't really find any.
    [​IMG]I have had both standars and bantams of this breed and loved them both. They make great mothers and lay lots of good large eggs. Very hardy and more disease risistant than other breeds. A real crowd pleaser.


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