My new chicken coop!

  • Here is what I just made for my 6 chickens. Purchased the plans off of eBay. I'm very pleased with it, except it is a bit bigger and heavier than I imagined.


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  1. ChickenFlyer
    They are free range while I'm home, but I am building an enclosure so they can get out while I'm at work. I don't have the total cost calculated yet, but I'm going to guess ~$700. You could do it cheaper if you shopped around or used cheaper materials, I used pretty expensive paint and rough cut cedar. The plans say you can house 15 chickens, I currently have 6. It's a bit heavy to move around so it may end up in a permanent spot in my yard.
  2. powderhogg01
    Looks nice. Curious on cost of materials. Will you be free ranging or building an enclosure.