My little place of happiness

  • My husband and brother built this coop for me 8 years ago and it's still holding up! It's not much but my babies are happy with it! I plan on adding a window to it in the spring and another perch. The sign was made 8 years ago by my son and needs some touching up! We have skids down to walk on cause it gets muddy back there,it has a huge fenced in area plus I also let them roam in the yard,field and woods around it!


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  1. midge124
    @Mamachickof14 I use a warmer tray to keep their water from becoming ice and I also use a warming light for warmth! But I do need to work on something else for warmth,I don't want to leave light on all the time!
  2. Mamachickof14
    Sweet little house...just wondering what everyone does come winter? Jen