My First Coop & Run!

  • My first coop, a kit build but hand painted in cuprinol garden shades preserver paint in seagrass. It took a long time because of the averagely poor British weather, but I finally finished in time for the arrival of my four hens


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  1. heidi
    Really nice color and love the idea of a kit. That would have saved me a couple months of trying to figure everything out. I wish I had discovered this forum earlier.
  2. TJsGirls
    This looks a lot like the set up we will have or 3 birds. May I ask your dimensions? How are your birds doing with this space, and do they get to roam free at all? Thanks for your time, I'm a backyard novice getting my pullets in two weeks. I'm in Southern California.
  3. creeperolie
    Hi, yeah it's a good coop though it can be difficult to clean at times and hard to maintain. My chickens like it but I'm going to expand because I have more room, but its fine for four normal chickens
  4. heyheypaula
    How is this coop working out for you? Is it enough room for the four hens? I am thinking of ordering the same one. Do you have any complaints or recommendations on how to spruce it up a little?
  5. J4M3Z
    Good luck with your hens, love the coop we have the same coops,I think and we painted ours blue too! I have just uploaded some pics so check them out on my profile. We have had them since march last year and they are great couldn't imagine not ever having chickens now. They even have their own web page now!!
  6. creeperolie
    Have finally got the hens, they are very happy in their new house
  7. creeperolie
    It's a cc2500 kit from, and I got it around half price at £120 + £15 shipping
  8. Sparky
    Wow. I love the color. Tell me about your kit.