My coop is almost done!

  • My man has been working on finishing this labor of love for a few months and I am so excited as it is almost done! The coop has been finished for a while and the run is the last thing to shore up. Now to finish running wire around the bottom edges, running trim along all edges to further secure the wire, then shingles on the roof. We made a waterer and feeder out of PVC and the roosting poles are bamboo stalks. Being our first build we have things we will change but not bad for a first try. The angled panels even match the lines of the front windows of our house! My twelve ladies free range in the fenced yard all day, watched closely by my goats, and head in at night. The best part is that my city coop is within walking distance of the busiest intersection in the city but we feel like we are in the country here.


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