Mountain coop

  • Thought I would post our mostly critter proof coop. It is a 2" welded mesh kennel and a Craigslist prefab house, all on a log foundation ,"gift wrapped" top to bottom in poultry netting, we chain the nest box closed. we live at 9,000 feet and share the woods with coyotes, foxes, raccoons, bobcats, lions,ermin, hawks, owls, ravens, elk, moose, deer, bears, and vampire hummingbirds ( just kidding- they eat nectar). I rotate stumps, logs etc to give the hens interesting stuff, and surrounded it with antique pots etc for fun. We have the night guard lights which allegedly discourage predators. We moved here 32 years ago to the edge of a state park FOR the wildlife so we seek ways to coexist as much as possible, while keeping the girls safe.


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  1. puppidoodle
    The run is Rugged Ranch brand, we found it online.
  2. puppidoodle
    We are in Colorado, glad you like it. The run is from Murdoch , logs from Home Depot,6 ft poultry netting from Murdoch. We are at 9,00o ft elevation.
  3. 2rain
    Love it is this in Oregon?