• wooden playhouse converted to coop. primer and painted inside and out, added window flaps, cut door opening in the back, added vent holes and screened in the windows. the floor is wood so we bought heavy rubber mat from tractor supply. They have it on a huge roll and you get it by the foot. It has worked very well to protect the floor, even though it's not so pretty, I can remove it and scrub it clean when needed. There are 2 roosting poles inside, a hanging feeder and I also put a small feeder with a grit, oyster shell and DE mix inside. Water is hanging out in the run and is a 5 gal bucket with chicken nipples screwed into the bottom. at the time of the pictures we had 2 covered litter boxes with hay inside for nesting boxes. It worked great and it was easy to remove and clean them. Since then we have built on an external nesting box with 3 nesting spaces and increased the size of our flock along with adding a rooster.


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  1. redchickenlady1
    I just purchased a small building that looks like a child's playhouse too! It was a repo'd building, 8 by 8, with a skylight, window, and a chicken door. I also painted the inside, my husband made roosts, and I repainted an old rusty five hole nestbox. I looked for a pc of linoleum, and my husband suggested a rubber mat. When the building was delivered the salesman included inside 7 golden comets, three weeks old that his grandson incubated and hatched. Five weeks old now and there is 1 rooster and the rest hens. Now am fixing dog pen panels around the house, attached chicken wire on the inside of the wire, and left over plastic lattice from a pool deck around the bottom so the chickens can't get underneath. I will try to post pictures later, need to get electric run to house, was going to get the house ready this winter and then get chickens in the spring...........so am trying to get it all together.
  2. yokar
    thanks for the compliment. We had all these elaborate plans to built a mobile coop on a small homemade trailer that I bought off of craigslist. However, my hubby and I couldn't agree on some features and then started to calculate the cost of the wood and materials. As it turned out it was much cheaper to purchase the playhouse and convert it then it was to build from scratch. The builder was local so he even delivered it for free.
  3. Chrissie456
    Hi this chicken house is very well laid out ( please forgive the pun) your hens look happy. I won't post pictures of my main hen house it's a bit rough compared to yours lol. But my golden Brahmas have a smart house I will take pictures & post some of them - Chris