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    The Modern Game breed of chicken are valued primarily as show chickens. Originating in England around 1850 - 1900, Modern Games were developed with much attention focusing on enhancing the breed aesthetically. Cockfighting was outlawed in mid 19th century, hence a lot of breeders turned to show chickens as an alternative poultry hobby. This is why the Modern Game typifies the aesthetic appeal of the gamecock.

    A cross between Malays and Old English produced the Modern Game breed. Although categorized as game chickens, these chickens are not bred to fight at all.

    An elegant breed with a tiny frame, the Modern Game only excels as an ornamental chicken and fail in the rest - not very good at laying eggs, as well as not a good source of meat as evidenced by its build. Temperament wise though, these chickens are naturally curious and are very tamed. Large fowls weigh between 5 - 9 pounds, while bantams between 16 - 22 ounces. Of the two, the bantam version is actually the one most fancied by poultry fanciers.

Recent Reviews

  1. chixellie
    Pros - Tame, mellow, cute, good in hot climates.
    Cons - Terrible in the cold, will need heat source in cold climates.
    Moderns(bantams) are excellent if you want a small ornamental breed. Some actually are good layers, but if you want eggs for your table get a bigger breed bred for laying! Mine are very broody, some are excellent mother hens but have to limit to four eggs/chicks as hen's body size is small.I show and raise them- If you want a great house pet, or a good beginner breed for kid's showmanship, or want a breed to show- This is it! They are hard-feathered, have no down, so they do poorly in cold climates. I bring mine in to heated garage if under 50. I live in Los Angeles, so most of the time they're ok here.


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