Minmin1258- designed and built by me!

  • My coop itself is 4'x8'x6' with 2x6 floor joists and 3/4" plywood floor. 2x4 framing covered again by 3/4" plywood all around and roofed with plywood that has bn covered by tin. There are two 8"x 14" window vents covered with decorative tin and with a hinged cover too secure against winter winds. There is a "people" door on the west side of coop, a chicken door on the south side going into the run, and a 28"x 4'x 36" storage bin area ( (for feed and supplies) built into the east exterior side. The run is 8'x 20' x 6' with three large perches so the girls can get off the ground if they want to. Run is 2x4 framing covered by chicken wire on all sides and over the top. It has a people door on the south side for easy access t cleaning. Oh and the nesting boxes were an addition to the coop on the north side.


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