Mille Fleur Bantam

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    Mille Fleur Bantam chicken is the result of Michael Van Gelder's breeding. Known to be calm and docile birds, the Mille Fleur chicken has a beutiful plumage, apt for its likewise beautiful name - Mille Fleur which translates to Thousand Flowers.

    This breed is noted for its broody characteristic. This enables them to lay eggs regularly. Hens of this breed are able to lay eggs in two weeks and some in three weeks. Their cream-colored and tinted eggs are small. It's just expected because they grow up still small as well.

    Standing at a low posture and looking small, the Mille Fleur Bantam chickens have short necks and single combs. Cocks would weigh in at 26 ounces while hens would weigh in at almost 22 ounces. Their varying colors make them unique from one another. Example are blue motiffed, brown red, black, lemon, lavender among many others.

Recent Reviews

  1. oakwood
    "Great very friendly pets ."
    Pros - Fist class show and pet breed.
    Cons - Must keep feathered legs and feet very clean and dry .
    Very ornamental ,make great little pets .


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