mad max our really old coop

  • We have a coop made by a ten year old 20 years ago. It got damaged in the big storms that swept through. The coop itself is made with plywood, and has a regular roof and 6 nesting boxes. We will be adding 4 more out of buckets. Till we can convert the shed into a hen house in September. The run is made from a large dog fencing you get at like tractor supply. reinforced with chicken wire and deer wire. We rig the old cage so that its safe and no one gets hurts. We are fixing the door and the top of the run tonight. Inside we have two baby cages. It is 20 foot run. We will be adding a show bird area out of an old jungle gym made by Pam\'s father 10 years ago. We will also be adding a tractor coop for the babies, we have 6 sex-links and 3 barred rock babies and two Ronen ducks. The roosters stay in the shed in there cages 3 EE Rosters. We are both ill, Pam has Parkinson\'s, and I have all the symptoms of MS we will figure it out, since we both have the same neurologist. Luckily my husband grew up on a farm, and we will get all the chickens in their own coops, soon. We are trying to get all of Pam\'s dreams for the farm done before she cant enjoy it anymore.


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  1. Annalysa
    We free range.