Lucky Seven

  • Coop is made by my husband and I. Siding is recycled from a friend who resided their home last year. Big side coop window is an oldie that's been sitting around for years. Shutter locks from the inside as does the girls private entrance door that leads to their run. Big side coop window also has a double heavy duty screen made by hand. Front door is our old front house door trimmed to fit. Bottom aluminum scrap piece on door hangs below door keeping any and all critters out.
    Inside walls are that bathroom paneling so they're easy to wipe down. Floor is vinyl fake wood style also for easy cleaning.
    Inside is all insulated. Set up with electrical plug in outlight and light switches for their 2 light outlets. I do have led white & blue strand xmas lights strung from the ceiling. Inexpensive way to light up their home on our long UP (Upper Michigan) fall/winter evenings.
    Heat is hot water from our woodboiler that sets a matter of feet away. This is the copper tubing on the back wall behind the main perch. (We hope to put in a regular register this year.) Heat light bulbs rarely needed. At the most this past winter, I used a black light bulb that goes over the short perch. (Made for Lilah specifically since the other girls tend to pick on her and not let her on the main perch.)
    Wood shavings are recycled straight back to wood boiler for heat during cold months, mulch around our trees during the warm months, and some of it worked into the gardens during the Spring.
    Nest boxes are simply wash basins held into place on the cube shelf I had not being used much.
    House is for our 7 hens who are too spoiled for words. =) Size of house is 8x6.


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