• Hi, this is the coop we made for our 3 girls, Lola, Lottie and Lucy who joined the mini-menagerie in July last. They are 5 months old now and all three give us a great big egg every day. We are now in the process of converting half of the shed that forms the back wall of the coop into a proper house for them as the little house seems way too small.
    The girls spend their days free range and head back into their enclosure as dusk falls. It had to be secure as there are lots of foxes, badgers, stoats etc locally so we laid some concrete foundations to be sure.
    We've never kept chickens before so it's all new and up to now has been a great adventure, which was prompted by our 5 yr old grandson who loves animals of all kinds and who asked us if he could have some chickens. Already boarded out with us because his parents feel there is not enough space at their own home, he has two stick insects - malaysian pink wings named rose and twiggy, a bearded dragon named slobodon, two cats named tilly and tinkerbell, two dogs named sheba and rocky all boarded out with us, although sheba and the cats pre-date him, he took ownership as soon as he could crawl :)
    The coop wasbuilt mainly from salvage materials and a couple of lengths of 4x2 and the wire, which we bought. The paint was leftover from little diy jobs.
    Now I've found this site I do feel our coop looks a bit boring and not at all dinky or cute, so will be borrowing some ideas and am looking forward to learning loads here!The girls seem to love it thoughand that's what matters, right?!
    Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks, Susie :)


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