Lohmann Brown

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    The Lohmann Brown chickens are hybrid considered to be prolific egg layers. Laying in approximately 18 weeks, these chickens lay an egg everyday and they can lay eggs at a maximum number of 300 in a year. People who are taking care of such chickens must be aware that they usually lay eggs either in dusk or dawn.

    The Lohmann Brown chickens are not choosy when it comes to food. They can eat almost anything they think they can eat. They are human-friendly and make good pets especially for children. Even when they don't look really unique or creative, people still like them because they're just naturally friendly. This makes them lovable.

    They're commonly brown or orange-ish brown. They have long necks and their feathers are of the typical chickens which stick to its bodies. There's nothing so unique in their look because they're like the typical chickens. Their tails are short while their crowns are just the normal-kind of look.

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