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    The White Leghorn is a variety of the Leghorn breed famous for its egg-laying abilities. Although commonly used as layer chickens in many parts of the world, its sister types remain less popular.

    The Leghorn (or Livorno in Italian) breed of chicken originated in Tuscany, central Italy, and were exported to North America in 1828. Although this particular breed of chicken was initially named Italians, it acquired the traditional English equivalent of the term Livorno in 1865.

    There is no definite answer as to where the Leghorns originated. Although some speculations did arise that based on its physical characteristics, it seems to have originated from light breeds native to rural Tuscany. In 1874, the American Standard of Perfection recognized Leghorn as an official breed with three color varieties - white, brown and black. Later in 1981, the colors silver, buff, rose combo black and golden duckwing were added.

    The White Leghorn is generally distinguished from the rest because of its more superior characteristics. These chickens are hardy as opposed to the non-white variety. The most popular attribute, and what sets it apart from the rest, is its ability to lay large, white eggs every single day. Other color kinds are not really that prolific.

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