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    The Leghorn is a breed of chicken originating from Tuscany, central Italy, and was exported to North America in 1828. Although this particular breed of chicken was initially named Italians, it acquired the traditional English equivalent of the term Livorno in 1865.

    Non-White Leghorn is classified as Mediterranean class and comes in large fowl and bantam. Like the rest of its class, these chickens are of medium build with large red wattles and combs that are in contrast to its white earlobes. They are good foragers and layers, though these non-white Leghorns pale in comparison to the egg-laying abilities White Leghorns possess.

    There is no definite answer as to where the Leghorns originated. Although some speculations did arise that based on its physical characteristics, it seems to have originated from light breeds native to rural Tuscany. In 1874, the American Standard of Perfection recognized Leghorn as an official breed with three color varieties - white, brown and black. Later in 1981, the colors silver, buff, rose combo black and golden duckwing were added.

Recent Reviews

  1. livingmydream
    "A nice temperament, dependable layer, and a..."
    Pros - Very healthy hen, dependable layer, and a good setter.
    Cons - none
    I only have 1 white egg layer, and that's my Leghorn. She lays an egg almost every day, and announces it to the world when she does. She gets broody about twice a year, sometimes more, and steals the eggs from other boxes if she can get them out. She is very protective of her eggs, and when the chicks are hatchd. I watched her help a chick out of it's shell, and she was very gentle and helped pull the shell away from the chick. She is a great mother hen- even has one chick that's almost 4 months old, and that chick sleeps under her wing at night! She's a great hen, and has beautiful feathers!
  2. raggydoll1
    "A hardy, chicken with beautiful markings...."
    Pros - Hardy. Stay close to and obedient to rooster. Beautiful!
    Cons - A little too vocal at times. Territorial about their nesting box and don't like to share.
    One of my hens, Laverne, layed an extra large egg yesterday and was very proud of herself, so she's decided to prance around the run for a bit. Isn't she lovely!


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