Lavender Pekin

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    The Lavender Pekin breed of chicken is well loved for it's friendly trait. Often kept as a family pet, this chicken is amiably tame, cute and well-behaved. Unlike other breeds, the Lavender Pekin lays small tiny eggs which are very unique. The blue eggs that this chicken produces can be as frequent as one egg a day once the hen is old enough. Although in some cases, some Pekins such as the Bantam Pekin produce cream colored eggs as well.

    This breed come in different colors such as lavender, blue, silver partridge, blue mottled, columbian, cuckoo, mottled, buff, black, red partridge, white and wheaten.

    They can tolerate almost any kind of climate and they are also very easy to handle.If you are planning on taking care of a chicken breed, the Lavender Pekin is a good candidate since it requires just little space to keep it surviving because of its characteristic and personality.

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