Large Chicken Coop

  • I am building my first chicken coop! I am basically building an 8x12 barn/shed and then converting it to a chicken coop. I will be posting photos as the project goes along!


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  1. Chad1976
    @Price90 Hello this looks just like what i want. Do you have plans fo this coop? How much did it end up costing you? Thanks!!
  2. Price90
    @sociallyskilled I am trying to figure out how to upload more pics but I put a divider with a door inside to separate the chickens from where I'm going to store my food and supplies. I then made the nesting boxes and the roost. The overhang of the roof to the sidewall I left open and put a mesh lining to keep out bugs and other animals and also to help ventilate the coop!
  3. sociallyskilled
    That's really great. What did you do with the inside? How many chickens is that for? It's a really great huge coop!