Lara's coop and shelter in the UK

  • My chicken coop itself was handmade by a local wood worker, but the shelter I\'ve attached it to I built myself and is a work in progress!
    I still need to add some sides to the shelter, but it has a clear corrugated polycarb roof and guttering system. The base is dig out with a heavy duty weed proof membrane and \'Aubiose\' bedding (made from Hemp).
    I have an electric automatic pop hole opener on the coop so I don\'t have to get up early in the morning.
    At the moment 9 chickens live here (6 rescued ex-battery farm hybrids and 3 silkies) and also have the run of my garden which is patrolled by my dog and 2 cats who are chicken-friendly and guard the chickens from predators. There\'s an electric fence around my perimeter too.


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