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    The Langshan breed of chicken is of the Asiatic class and known to be a valuable general purpose breed. Originating from China, Major Croad brought them to England in 1872 where it acquired the name Croad Langshan, developing into two lines - Croad and the German Langshan.

    Langshan chickens were introduced to America in the 1900s, bred and raised primarily for meat and eggs, but has now switched to exhibition purposes for most owners. For devotees of the breed, they summed its qualities into one word, "intelligent."

    Though large in nature, these chickens are quite active, able to fly over high fences. Other positive qualities include fast growing with pullets starting to lay eggs by 6 - 7 months of age, easily reared, and are hardy chickens. Langshan hens have the ability to produce three medium to large sized brown eggs per week, averaging 150 eggs annually. Hens are able to lay into winter months as well.

    For physical characteristics, Langshan roosters can typically stand between 24 - 32 inches tall, earning them the title as one of the tallest and lightest non-game Asiatic breed in the world. Also a notable trait is its 16-inch erect tail. There are three color varieties recognized by the American Poultry Association - Black, White, and Blue.

Recent Reviews

  1. chickhenfarm
    "I would recommend this breed."
    Pros - Very Gentle Breed
    Cons - None
    I simply love my Langshans! They are such sweet and gentle chickens. Here is a photo of my "Lenny Boy". He is such a character, so fun to watch him go about his daily routine.


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