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    Lakenvelders are often described as those German chickens from Palestine with a Dutch name. There are a lot of stories that tell how these chickens arrived with immigrants from Persia and Egypt into Palestine around 2000 BC. Developed in the country, Palestinians called them Tel Mediggo fowl. As colorful the history this particular breed has, the literal translation is equally poetic as well - shadow on the sheet. The Lakenvelders reached America in 1900, but was accepted into the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection by 1939. Classified as Continental, these chickens are on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's list of threatened breeds.

    The hens are able to produce three medium-sized eggs per week. Its porcelain white eggs are primarily used for baking. Active in nature, they are not particularly good brooders, and rarely sit a nest. Expert foragers, they can look for their own food, making them feed-pocket friendly for every grower.

    In general, these chickens are white with black hackles and tails. A beautiful breed of chicken, other physical traits include, blue legs, long, flowing tails and deep red eyes. Lakenvelders have single, medium-sized combs, with the women's in a uniquely erect position. Males weigh around five pounds, while the females around four pounds.


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