La Fleche

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    The La Fleche breed of chicken is given the moniker "Devil Bird" because of its large red V-shaped combed associated to that of a classic red horn. The word la fleche literally translates to "the arrow" and is also associated to its combed and believed by some to be the origin of its name. As a matter of fact, the breed got its name from its geographic origin - La Fleche, a town in the Pays de la Loire region of France. These days, the La Fleche chickens are sold in markets as the "Fowl of Le Mans".

    La Fleche chickens are considered to be the superior quality among all French breeds of chicken in terms of meat quality. They are known for their juicy, tender and short-grained flesh, with breast so meaty and full in shape.

    Because they can clear a six-foot fence, it's advisable to contain them in an enclosed pen with plenty of room since La Fleche chickens like to forage. Their physical characteristics include long red wattles that are in contrast to their large white earlobes. These chickens are of medium-size, stand in an upright, proud manner, and come in several colorings. However, the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection only recognizes the Black La Fleche in the year 1874. La Fleche chickens are not hardy.


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