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    The Kraienköppe chickens are also called Twentse. These hybrids are the result of a cross between Malays and Leghorns breeds. They are usually show birds and they're rare to find today. This breed can also be stroppy so they won't be much friendly at all.

    Originating from the region between Netherlands and Germany, the ?Kraienköppe? breed varies in two colors. They can appear silver or black-breasted red. Their skin appears yellow. Chickens of this breed have walnut-type combs that are small, just in proportion to their body size. Their weights vary according to gender. Hens weigh in at four pounds while the male chickens weigh in at six pounds.

    Coming from white eggs, their common look when they grow up is half white and black divided in its body. From head to upper back, they can have white feathers while some black on the breast and the tail. Their tails face down with some long feathers to emphasize it.


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