• Our farm is a small farm of two or three flocks that are rare breeds. Some such as the Coloncas are barley heard of, unless of course your a true Araucana fanatic like I am. My husband is in charge of the brahmas. He has worked alot with his flocks and shipped brahmas eggs from England which has given us some very beautiful chickens.

    We are also Emu nuts. We now have 2 males, Elmo and Oscar. This year we hope to hatch some eggs and have some females. They are curious loving and very protective Ratites.

    Our peacocks are back in their friendly stages at this time since breeding season is over. We have hatched from our flock 5 that made it. I consider this lucky we dont have a lot of them. We have a pair of Whites, India Blues, and Blackshoulders. The babies are mixed which give each of them their own little personalities.

    Our other animals include 16 toy poodles and a horse. We love our place its our own piece of heaven that God has given to us to enjoy.



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