John's Coop

  • Hi everyone,This is my first post and am happy to be on the site. Incredible resource! I figured for my first post I\'d share some pics and the progress of my first ever coop. Any feedback is appreciated as this is my first experience with chickens. After only ten weeks, we are loving it. Photo 1: This is the coop before staining it. I put the coop on some treated 4x4s to keep it off the ground and hopefully add a little life to it. :)I also stapled chicken wire to the 4x4s around the entire perimeter approximately 2 feet out. Hopefully this will help with predators wanting to burrow. I will keep my fingers crossed.[​IMG]Photo 2: This is just a close up of the chicken wire around the perimeter. The wire on the walls of the coop is a lot tighter, as you could see in the photo, in terms of the size of the openings to hopefully help protect against predators. The top of the coop has the same tighter wiring as well.[​IMG]Photo 3: This is a photo of the completed coop with some of the girls (we hope the are hens) hanging around. I placed some stepping stones and river pebbles around the perimeter of the coop and on top of the chicken wire to hopefully further prevent predators from burrowing. I was told that the buried chicken wire and stones on top should help with predators.[​IMG]Photo 4: The girls (hopefully they are all hens) like their new home. I decided to go with a sand base in the run and they seem to like it very much so far. I bought a kitty litter scooper and cleaning seems to be fairly easy.[​IMG]Photo 5: We love to let them roam the yard as often as possible and they seem to enjoy it as well.[​IMG]Hope you enjoyed the pics. Feel free to share any thoughts, advice, etc.Best wishes to all.


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