• This is our 3rd coop for our chickens, we now have 18 chickens


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  1. cogburn
    Very nice !!
  2. chickenmom
    beautiful! nice job
  3. Jody
    Thankyou. Yes, we have an enclosed run behind, we have an enclosed 'sunporch' it has a roof and wire sides with a door, they get to go in it in winter other than just staying inside their coop, in the rest of the year, the door is left open during the day and they can go into the large yard that is fenced, but it doesn't have a roof over it. Sometimes we let them out their front door into our yard to free range too if we are out there to keep an eye on them, we do see hawks the odd time. Their 'sunporch' is covered with plastic in the winter so it warms up during the day in winter from the sun, they have sand in there for dusting too. I love having chickens‚̧
  4. BrahmaMom
    Very nice coop! Do you have an enclosed run behind the coop?
  5. Janey
    that is fantastic I love it very rustic country looking