Jersey Giant

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    The Jersey Giant is a breed of chicken that originated in the United States in the late 19th century, developed by John and Thomas Black. It is named after the state of its geographic origin – New Jersey.

    This particular breed is a cross of Black Javas, Black Langshans and the Dark Brahmas. The Jersey Giant, evident from the name, is considered to be the largest purebred chicken with an average weight of 13 lbs for the roster and 11 lbs for the hens. The Black breed of this chicken is only a pound heavier than the White breed. Its eggs (brown to dark brown in color) are extra large in size color.

    This breed of chicken tends to be the replacement of the turkey as the primary poultry meat in the US. For a time, it was raised as capons and as broiler by the meat industry but since they grow much slower than today’s more common bird meat, they are the least used breed in the meat industry today.

Recent Reviews

  1. Tina
    "Nice overall breed for eggs and meat."
    Pros - Extra Large Eggs, Brown
    Cons - Giant Birds, Need lots of room
    I currently own a flock of 23 Jersey Black Giants - I love them, hens are coming up 6 months and starting to lay. Roosters are breeding at the same age. Very slow growing, when I held the Rooster the other day he is all bone, not much meat yet, but obviously they will breed before full maturity.
    Beautiful BIG Roosters, a couple are really aggressive with my hens, but very friendly with me. I super enjoy the flock, it is a neat bird.
  2. shayneochoa
    I have a jersey giant by mistake. She seems fine with the EE and Banty chickens even the rabbit. She does have giant poo :( ! I am not noticing a slower growth rate. But no eggs yet and she is about 5 months.
  3. Darkling
    "Large bird that is very gentle. Roosters can..."
    Pros - Gentle Giants, fair layers of pale brown eggs
    Cons - Slow growing, aggressive rooster (possible)
    I had two Jersey Giants. My hen is top hen of my flock and even adopted my 3-yr-old son into the flock and would follow him all over the yard. I think she saw him as a rooster because he would hug her every time we went outside.
    On the other hand, I had a rooster and he saw my son as an enemy and would attack him. We had to get rid of the rooster because of this. The size of the rooster (11 lbs - not even full grown yet) was a big concern, especially were my son was concerned.
    They are a slower growing breed but I really didn't notice a big difference in growth rate. The hen started laying around 20 wks of age and I get "pink" egg about 3 a week.
    She is currently 1 1/2 years old and has never gone broody.

    *the picture of the rooster below was him at just 5 months old*


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