• This is our new chicken coop, built by Bill Finnigan of"For the Birds" chicken coops.

    The overall footprint on the ground is roughly 56" x 11 1/2'. The nest box adds about 14". The run is 4.5' x 8' and continues under the coop (for a total length of 11.5') and is covered with 2" x 4" welded wire for strength, in addition to 1/2" hardware cloth on lower 2'. It is 6' tall, plenty of room to walk inside and change food, water, etc. My husband and I will add 1/2" hardware cloth to the rest of the run. We want to keep rats from the food. Also we will add a Chicken Fountain (http://chickenfountain.com/) under the coop.

    The coop measures 3.5' x 4.5' x 4' tall. Good for up to 6 hens. It has 2 nesting boxes which are accessible from the outside.

    You can't tell from this picture but the top of the run is wired as well. We asked Bill to add a slanted roof on top of the run to keep the messy pecan tree above this coop and run from getting the run too messy.

    Other features:
    -There is hardware cloth ventilation at top of walls of the coop.
    -Plexiglas flaps and 1/2" hardware cloth on all windows for additional ventilation.
    -Tileboard floor and large man door for easy cleaning.
    -Coop designed for deep litter method. Removable divider at man door.
    -7' of roost pole for hens to sleep on.

    You can see more pictures of this coop (inside and outside) at Bill's website:


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