Jenny Ridge Farm

  • This is my "cape style" coop. 12/12 roof pitch on half height (4 foot) walls. Currently houses nine layers and two bantam hens.


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  1. wyandotte
    nice coop! lucky chickens!!!
  2. dustinfox
    @April818 Thanks... Yes some cheap vinyl makes the floor easy to clean. That is an exit ramp in the background. I connected two pieces of 1"x12" with a hinge so it opens up and lays out into a ramp. You can see it better from the outside in the first pic. Makes it real easy to secure the girls at night! Just "fold" it shut and secure with a barrel bolt.
  3. dustinfox
  4. April818
    Super cute house! I put flooring in my coop too! Easy to clean! What is that in the last pic behind the girl at the feeder?
  5. Apyl
    Very nice - Awesome job :)