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    The Java breed of chicken was developed in the United States together with unknown breed of Asian progenitors. Even though it is named after one island of Indonesia which is Java, this chicken is still considered to be one of the oldest chicken in America second to Dominique. This breed was used as a foundation of forming other breeds in the US. At this time, the Java breed is considered to be endangered.

    Java chickens generally have large structures and a sturdy form, characterized by very broad and deep breast. It has small earlobes and medium-sized single comb and wattles, all of which are in red color. These chickens are considered to be a good breed to raise for small-scale farms, homesteads, and backyard keepers because of the meat and eggs that they produced.

    These chickens are generally heavy. In standard size, the rooster weighs around 9.5 pounds, while the hen weighs around 7.5 pounds. The Java chickens are bred for dual purpose – meat and egg-laying.


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