Jarrah Chicken Palace

  • My Husband finished our new coop this weekend. It's constructed mainly from Jarrah, the roof is made from colorbond. These are both hardy materials to withstand the hot Australian summer. The frame is made from steel, for strength and durability. I designed the coop to keep the chickens cool in summer and protected in winter. The peak roof allows the heat to rise and escape, keeping my hens cool on those 36-40 degrees (96.8 -104 Fahrenheit) summer days, that we get here in Perth.
    We plan to install a misting system before summer starts to spray a mist of water over the hens when it gets too hot.
    It has a door than opens into the nesting area to make it easier for us to clean.

    We have 3 Hyline hens in it at present and will add a few more when we know which of our hatched chicks are hens. We think 6 hens would be an ideal number for us and I think at least 3 of the chicks are hens. Only one of my gold laced Wyandottes is a hen and still unsure about the double laced Barnevelders


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  1. cookiesquish
    @chickenwhisperer Thanks. We used Jarrah so the white ants don't eat it. My husband got the Jarrah decking, so it was cheaper than normal Jarrah board. It should last a long time though. My husband says if we ever decide we don't want chooks anymore he will line it in plastic and make it a green house :)
  2. cookiesquish
    @jstillwaters Thank you, my husband is very proud of this coop. Jarrah is native to Western Australia and it is a hardwood that the White ants( or termites as you would call them in the US) don't eat Jarrah. That's the reason we used steel too, so the frame doesn't get eaten. It should last close enough to forever. In Australia, Free Range conditions is two hens per square metre so we made it as big as we could, will will have about 6 hens in there so they will have double that amount of space. Glad we gave you some more ideas :)
  3. chickenwhisperer
    Lucky chickens to have a jarrah coop! We are in perth too (NOR) and have used ply & colorbond. We have 3 chickens and will also do the misting system come summer to cope with those high temps. You've done a great job in such a small space!
  4. jstillwaters
    Very nice looking coop! I am unfamiliar with Jarrah wood. Don't see it here in California. It's very pretty. I haven't seen photos of chicken coops using steel frames, although that does give the coop a very sturdy appearance. The colors are really nice, too. You have given me some more ideas, as I am currently working to come up with better permanent housing for my small flock.