Japanese Bantam

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    The Japanese Bantam, commonly known as Chabo in many parts of the world, is a true bantam breed originating from Japan distinguishable by its upright tail that reaches the head. Historical facts suggest that these chickens have existed in Japan for at least 350 years - just about the time the country closed its shores to outside trading. In 1914, it was recognized officially as a breed by the American Poultry Association, and ranked among the top ten most popular breeds worldwide.

    Friendly in nature, Japanese Bantams can be good pets, often allowing humans to pet and hold them, or even perch them on shoulders. Since they are also expert foragers, they can be handy in cleaning slugs and weed seeds in the garden. Japanese Bantams has a total of 17 recognized color varieties which include Black, White, Black-Tailed-White, Buff, Black-Tailed-Buff, Gray, Barred, Black Breasted Red, and Blue.

    The Japanese Bantams can live up to 13 years when cared properly. The most distinct characteristics this particular breed possesses are its very short legs, caused primarily by a single lethal gene. With their signature short legs coupled with a broad build, Japanese Bantams tend to waddle like ducks. On average, a male weighs between 510-600 grams, while the female weighs between 400-510 grams.

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