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    Icelandic chickens, also referred to as Viking Hen, are simple-looking. They may vary in colors, patterns, comb types, and even skin color but a distinct description is their simple look. They don't appear as entertaining as the showgirls and not as fluffy as the other breeds. They're simply chicken-looking. Because they vary, there is no standard appearance that is set for them by the organizations.

    By the name itself anyone would know that this breed came from Iceland. An old breed, the Icelandic chickens are said have been existed even in the ninth century. In the 1970s, a threat to extinction almost saw the disappearance of this breed.

    With the help of some chicken heroes, this breed was saved. This then contributed to what we now call as Icelandic breed. There are only a few thousands alive today from this breed. Thanks to those who exported them people still get to see some of them.


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