Hoop Tractor

  • We have built three of these so far. Based on our laughable chicken math we will be building more as fast as possible so that all of our birds will eventually have tractor homes. The PVC tube in the back holds about 10lbs of feed. They are 5x10, with 4 feet covered by recycled tin. The birds seem to love them.


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  1. overrunwithroos
    This is really cool. I was looking for an idea for a day pen and for something I could put in my chicken yard to introduce new birds to my existing flock. I have alot of brooding chicks right now. Some I have hatched some my hens have hatched and are raising. I had to seperate all my hens that had babies from each other and from the rest of the flock.they constantly fought and a chick was injured. This would even be perfect for that. Do you mind if I borrow your coop idea?
  2. jwalk324
    This is awesome. I am new to this and trying to find ideas for our coop!