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    The Holland is an American breed of Chicken. The answer to why it's called such lies in its ancestry. This particular breed is the result of a light-weight stock imported from Holland and crossed with Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, Lamona and white Leghorn. The American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection officially admitted the breed in 1949 with two recognized varieties - White Holland and the Barred Holland.

    Considered to be a fairly rare breed and of dual purpose, Hollands are good commercial and backyard chickens. Docile, adaptable and cheerful in disposition, the breed is indeed an independent and pliable breed who has taken the best of its progenitors. The Holland hen can typically produce three eggs per week.

    The breed faces extinction though. There's even a probability that the White Holland does not exist anymore. Aesthetically, the females have darker plumage than the cocks though both have a single, red and six-pointed comb. A cock weighs eight pounds while the hen weighs six pounds.

Recent Reviews

  1. Hollandchicks
    "I love my Barred Hollands they are incredible..."
    Pros - Good temper and personality,
    Cons - Rare, so not many breeders to choose from. You must be careful when choosing a flock because of breed falling below SOP for so many years
    I live in Louisiana and raise Barred Holland Chickens. I love working with this incredible breed. I sell fertile eggs and biddies in season.


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