• Tempory accommodation for the girls while I build the main coop. The main coop will be around 20x12ft divided into 6 separate areas with 5 different breeds of roosters having their breeding hens with them. There will be a separate area for the egg layers or pensioners to hang out in. I am hoping to squeeze in a brooding area in this space so my tempory high rise coop will have to remain as roosting quarters for the flock.


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  1. Keith
    Looks nice. Have anymore photos?
  2. Egons
    I currently have 3 Light Sussex hens and one Light Sussex rooster pure bred from which I hope to increase the flock. There is also one Rode island red rooster and hen . One Platinum sussex hen , Three Buff sussex hens, 4 Silver sussex hens, 2 Black Australorp hens one sitting on a clutch, mated with the Light sussex boy.Yes they will be for the table and also eggs alone.